Friday, March 23, 2007

First step to make money online

So you want to make money online?At first determine yourself how you want to make money.I say there are four ways to make money online easily and safely-
Make a website or blog
Write articles
Sign up at those stites which pay for survey
If you really want to make money online continuously, i hope its best option to start a blog. Because it is very hard to maintain a website for a single man and you need to khow CSS, HTML, XHTML etc.If your website is not so good how many people is going to visit you website and click on ads? I have tried website and forum.They are not perfect for me.So i like blog are there are ad networks they pay you for blogging.They pay for putting links of advertiser in your blogs posts.And pay per click ads are also availabe.
But you must open a free paypal account.
In the mean time write articles,make surey with relative sites and Make Money Online.

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