Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Moneybookers is an alternative to paypal

I think many people are not being able to make money online because paypal is not active in their country. Yes there are many countries where Paypal is not useful.There is a good alternative. Thats Moneybookers. They have covered lot of countries.You can open a free account with a valid email address. You can send or recieve money by email. Then you can add or transfer money to your bank account from moneybookers or from bank to moneybookers.They have introduced a new feature. Its world wide sms service from your account. In companies like oxado have payment option with Moneybookers like.Oxado is a good advertising company with good payment rate. So at first sign up with Moneybookers and then with oxado if you are a webmaster or blogger.

Webmasters, make money displaying Oxado contextual ads!

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