Friday, April 13, 2007

Search Engine Submission

If you have already written few posts in your blog or have some content in your site you should submit it in search engines

Submit in Google-

Submit in yahoo-

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kontera and the Floating ads

In the last post i told about chitika which has come with a new approach.Kontera is also with different style(Both are CPC-Cost Per Click).You get content link with keywords after your site is approved.Now when you with use it in your site or blog it will look like simple hyperlink or a linked word.But when visitor will keep mouse pointer on the link he will see floating description.If he clicks you will make money.

Chitika with a new approach in the ad world

Yah! Its chitika, has come to the online advartising network with a new approach.They show ads of product,not websites.When visitors click on the ads you get paid.You can get targeted ads or top keywords.As far i khow its doing well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Make Money Online by blogging

You can make money online with your blog post.Actualy you will sell links of you blog. In your blog post you have to set two or tree links to the site given by the advertisers. But before applying there add content to your blog. Wait until the age of your blog become four to five weeks. This companies will say you for blogging.

Blogging Ads
Review me

To apply payperpost your blogs should be at list three months old.

So make money online.

Moneybookers is an alternative to paypal

I think many people are not being able to make money online because paypal is not active in their country. Yes there are many countries where Paypal is not useful.There is a good alternative. Thats Moneybookers. They have covered lot of countries.You can open a free account with a valid email address. You can send or recieve money by email. Then you can add or transfer money to your bank account from moneybookers or from bank to moneybookers.They have introduced a new feature. Its world wide sms service from your account. In companies like oxado have payment option with Moneybookers like.Oxado is a good advertising company with good payment rate. So at first sign up with Moneybookers and then with oxado if you are a webmaster or blogger.

Webmasters, make money displaying Oxado contextual ads!

Friday, March 23, 2007

First step to make money online

So you want to make money online?At first determine yourself how you want to make money.I say there are four ways to make money online easily and safely-
Make a website or blog
Write articles
Sign up at those stites which pay for survey
If you really want to make money online continuously, i hope its best option to start a blog. Because it is very hard to maintain a website for a single man and you need to khow CSS, HTML, XHTML etc.If your website is not so good how many people is going to visit you website and click on ads? I have tried website and forum.They are not perfect for me.So i like blog are there are ad networks they pay you for blogging.They pay for putting links of advertiser in your blogs posts.And pay per click ads are also availabe.
But you must open a free paypal account.
In the mean time write articles,make surey with relative sites and Make Money Online.

Open a PayPal account.

To make money online its very much important to have a Paypal.PayPal is a virtual acount which is eccepted almost everywhere.You can transfer or get money instantly with a click.Just need a e-mail address with which the paypal account is activated.You can get this money from your bank account at your country ,But if it is paypal's assigned bank.They have agents in many countries.Visit their site.If your country is not in the list you have to search a company who transfars money from paypal to you country.Just give a google search- money transfer from paypal at YOUR COUNTRY Name.
Got it?So now you are another step ahead to Make Money Online.

Everyone in the world is fighting to make money.Someone going to office doing job,someone doing business and some people like us trying to make money online.In every job there are few successful people who is followed by many people.johnchow is a guy like that.Who has been taken place in Google's first page for many days for the phrase "Make Money Online".He gets a good amount of hits to his site. According to his advertising page, gets about 200,000 uniques visitors a month and he has an excellent rank on with a 3,823 position. However, with that many hits the site only generates him $2,139.93 total from all his advertising programs together.
This site has got 12 categories:
* Cars
* Fine Dining
* Investing
* Make Money Online
* Ramblings
* Review My Blog
* ReviewMe Reviews
* Technology
* The Net
* Videos
* Wordpress
It has got a lot of info.Not too much adsense.So its not a nonsense.Its great.“The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul”, is what got me hooked on to his blog.I like this blog

Really the guy has done a great job.Anyone curious about what it takes to make money online, the history of the internet, or the personal thoughts of a successful entrepreneur, should make a habit of reading

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Make money by submitting videos

There are few websites which share their revenue or pay per impression if you submit your videos to their website.
The websites are as follows,


How to start a blog?

Before starting a blog, first decide about the subject in which your blog contents will be. The most difficult thing for a blogger is getting or writing contents for his/her blog.
My suggestions would be, "Choose a topic in which you are really familiar with". Either you can be working on that field or you can have tremendous interest on that field.

If your blogs content is gonna be about something you are really familiar with, blogging is going to be easy for you.

There are many free blog providers. But the most famous free blog providers are "blogger" and "wordpress".

blogger is the best choice for a beginner and I assume that you want to start your blog in blogger.Wopdpress is powerfull.But u need to be expert.

Once you have decided to start a blog in blogger, visit the web page of blogger and create a blog. One needs google account to start a blog in blogger. Starting a google account is quite simple one. I assume that these things are easy for you and so skipping these things.

So, now you have created a blog in blogger and you can also write your first post.

Other Options For You:


Here you will get almost all ad networks.They are very important to make money online. You can try this and post comments.So lets make money online ......................

CPC-COST PER CLICK/Text Based Ad Networks

* Google AdSense
* AdBright
* Yahoo! Publisher Network
* AdForce
* AdHearUs
* AdKnowledge
* AdSonar
* Affiliate Sensor
* All Clicks
* AllFeeds
* BannerBoxes
* BClick
* BidClix
* Bidvertiser
* CBprosense
* Clicksor
* ExpoActive
* IndustryBrains
* Mirago
* Miva
* Nixxie
* One Monkey
* Oxado
* TargetPoint
* Textads Dot Biz
* TextWise
* Text Link Ads
* Vibrant Media

Primarily CPM Based Ad Networks

* 121Media
* 24/7 RealMedia
* Accelerator-Media
* Ad Solutions Network
* Ad World Network
* AdAgency1
* AdBonus
* AdDynamix / Pennyweb Networks
* AdOrigin
* AdPepper
* AdSmart
* Adtegrity
* AdZuba
* Ampira Media
* Bannerconnect
* BannerSpace
* BlueLithium
* BURST! Media
* Casale Media
* Claxon Media
* Click Agents
* CPX Interactive (Formerly Buds Media)
* EuroClick
* Experclick
* FastClick/ValueClick
* Federated Media
* Gold Group
* Gorilla Nation Media
* Hurricane Digital Media
* Impression|Up
* InterClick
* Interevco (Interactive Revenue Company Ltd.)
* Joetec
* Mamma Media / FocusIn
* MaxOnline
* Oridian
* Premium Network
* Quake Marketing
* Quin Street
* RealCastMedia
* RealTechNetwork
* Right Media
* Rydium
* The Robert Sherman Company
* Tribal Fusion
* Yes Advertising
* HyperBidder

Primarily CPA/CPL Ad Networks

* Axill
* Azoogle Ads
* ClickBank
* ClickBooth
* ClickXChange
* Commission Junction / BeFree
* CoverClicks
* DarkBlue
* DrivePM
* emarketmakers
* Linkshare
* Maxbounty
* Meta Reward
* ProfitCenter
* Revenue.Net
* ShareASale
* Strategic Affiliates
* WebSponsors

“Non-Standard” Ad Networks (PopUps, Expandables, Pay Per Post, etc.)

* 7AdPower
* Opt-Media
* PayPopUp
* PointRoll
* PopUpTraffic
* Tremor Network
* WhenU
* PayPerPost
* ReviewMe
* CreamAid
[Huge credits goes to because i got many new companies there]
Ok you mahe money online and i take rest.I have written these post continuously.......