Friday, April 13, 2007

Search Engine Submission

If you have already written few posts in your blog or have some content in your site you should submit it in search engines

Submit in Google-

Submit in yahoo-

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Kontera and the Floating ads

In the last post i told about chitika which has come with a new approach.Kontera is also with different style(Both are CPC-Cost Per Click).You get content link with keywords after your site is approved.Now when you with use it in your site or blog it will look like simple hyperlink or a linked word.But when visitor will keep mouse pointer on the link he will see floating description.If he clicks you will make money.

Chitika with a new approach in the ad world

Yah! Its chitika, has come to the online advartising network with a new approach.They show ads of product,not websites.When visitors click on the ads you get paid.You can get targeted ads or top keywords.As far i khow its doing well.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Make Money Online by blogging

You can make money online with your blog post.Actualy you will sell links of you blog. In your blog post you have to set two or tree links to the site given by the advertisers. But before applying there add content to your blog. Wait until the age of your blog become four to five weeks. This companies will say you for blogging.

Blogging Ads
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To apply payperpost your blogs should be at list three months old.

So make money online.

Moneybookers is an alternative to paypal

I think many people are not being able to make money online because paypal is not active in their country. Yes there are many countries where Paypal is not useful.There is a good alternative. Thats Moneybookers. They have covered lot of countries.You can open a free account with a valid email address. You can send or recieve money by email. Then you can add or transfer money to your bank account from moneybookers or from bank to moneybookers.They have introduced a new feature. Its world wide sms service from your account. In companies like oxado have payment option with Moneybookers like.Oxado is a good advertising company with good payment rate. So at first sign up with Moneybookers and then with oxado if you are a webmaster or blogger.

Webmasters, make money displaying Oxado contextual ads!