Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How to start a blog?

Before starting a blog, first decide about the subject in which your blog contents will be. The most difficult thing for a blogger is getting or writing contents for his/her blog.
My suggestions would be, "Choose a topic in which you are really familiar with". Either you can be working on that field or you can have tremendous interest on that field.

If your blogs content is gonna be about something you are really familiar with, blogging is going to be easy for you.

There are many free blog providers. But the most famous free blog providers are "blogger" and "wordpress".

blogger is the best choice for a beginner and I assume that you want to start your blog in blogger.Wopdpress is powerfull.But u need to be expert.

Once you have decided to start a blog in blogger, visit the web page of blogger and create a blog. One needs google account to start a blog in blogger. Starting a google account is quite simple one. I assume that these things are easy for you and so skipping these things.

So, now you have created a blog in blogger and you can also write your first post.

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